“Wild About Love.”

Happy Sunday!

Did anyone else feel like this week was never-ending? Between the news, offices closing, and people staying home; this week just felt incredibly long. The key is to stay calm, vigilant, and wash your hands. The weekend was full of sunshine and warm weather, so I  spent most of my time outside.I think that sunshine and some vitamin D will do everyone some good. 

Speaking of comfort, I wanted to share some of my favorite finds to snuggle up in on the weekend. They are perfect for running errands, spending time outside, or just relaxing.

Today’s Look:

Monogram Sweatshirt – I am wearing a size small. They tend to run a bit oversized, which is great because you can layer with a tee underneath for those chilly spring days. United Monograms has the cutest sweatshirts, tee’s, accessories, and so much more. They have such a wide variety of styles that you sure to find the perfect one for you! Or, if you are like me, at least 5 or 6. 


Black Leggings – I am wearing a size small petite, and LOFT truly has the comfiest and coziest leggings. I love that they carry a petite selection of leggings, because typically I have to roll them, but not with LOFT. They are the perfect fit!

These leggings come in sizes XS – XL and in regular, tall, and petite.

med_res (1)

Converse Sneakers – I am wearing a size 7, and I must admit I have never worn Converse sneakers before. I was always a Keds fan. While I still am, I am finding that I love Converse sneakers just as much, if not more. They are cute, comfy, and I love that I can dress them up or down.

These sneakers come in sizes 5 – 18 as well as half sizes.

med_res (2)

Have a wonderful Sunday!



Polka Dots and Booties.

Happy Saturday babes!

 The weekend is here! I will say, that with the temps now  getting warmer it is making the workweek much more enjoyable. While I know that it is still winter for a little while longer, it is just nice that the sun sets later, the temps are milder, and the sunshine feels warmer against your skin. Can you tell that I’m happy with the warmer weather? But I’m telling the truth that the workweek always seems better when the weather is nice. 

Speaking of nice days, is anyone else loving the trends for spring? Pastel colors, floral patterns, flowy dresses, and so much more. I can also fit much more in my closet when all the bulky sweaters are gone and put away until next year. So that means all the space for all the latest trends, and spring staples, that are already in my closet.

For today’s post, I’ll be sharing the perfect transitional dress as we go from winter and into spring. I am usually not into the dropped-waist type of dress, but this year’s styles are so cute that I had to cave and try for myself. All I can say is LOVE! I know I’ll be purchasing some more as the days get nicer. 

Today’s Look:

DressI am wearing a size XS as it runs big, but the fabric is so comfy and breezy that it will be perfect for workday all throughout the spring. Plus, I’ll be able to put it away for next year. My dress was on super sale last month, so they are currently only selling a few still in the store, but I was able to link a very similar dress that is just as comfy and perfect for spring. 

The dress linked comes in sizes XS – XL.

med_res (50)

White BootiesI have been looking for a cute white bootie to wear into the spring, but I did not want to spend a lot of money, and I found the cutest pair for only $26! They are so comfy, and they go with everything. Plus, with the snake skin heel, I’ve already gotten so many compliments. I am wearing a size 7, and I know I’ll be wearing them for a very long time. 

These booties come in sizes 5 – 11 as well as in half sizes, and they also come in black. 

med_res (52)

Sunglasses – I’ve had so many people ask me where I got these sunglasses, and the answer is T.J. Maxx! They always have the best finds for half the price, and they last just as long, if not longer, than if you were to spend a lot of money. Plus, living in the city I don’t like to wear expensive jewelry or accessories in case they get lost. 

med_res (51)

Have a wonderful Saturday!


Love at first sight with LOFT.

Love at first sight with LOFT.

Happy Monday!

I don’t know about you, but I was ready for a relaxing weekend. The forecast called for sunshine and mid 40’s for the Saturday and Sunday so that meant spending all the time outside. I will gladly take warm weather now through spring, as opposed to snow and wind. Although, Valentine’s Day is supposed to be freezing! 

With the long weekend around the corner, that also means that Valentine’s Day is almost here. I have been on the hunt to find cute little accessories to celebrate the holiday and they make for cute gifts for my gal pals! Those cute little Valentine’s Day cards that you got your friends in the 2nd grade won’t cut it anymore. Although, I may still give them out because let’s face it they are adorable. I recently went to LOFT to snag a pair of jeans that I wanted and while I was there I found the cutest heart-shaped accessories and clothes that SCREAMED hearts and flowers. From cute tee’s and cozy loungwear to girly accessories and cute heels. Perfect for a cozy night in, or a night out on the town.  

LOFT Finds:

Cream Travel Photo Plain Collage Instagram Post (3)

Heart Tee

Heart Earrings

Block Heel Pumps

Top Knot Headband


Heart Scrunchie Set

Heart Necklace


Have a wonderful start to the week!



Pretty In Pink.

Pretty In Pink.

Happy Hump Day babes. 

Can you believe that we are only a little over a week away from Valentine’s Day? I feel like it was JUST Christmas. The days seem to fly by more and more as we get older, but that means one day closer to spring! 

I never know what to wear on Valentine’s Day. Do I wear something that SCREAMS hearts and flowers? Or, am I more subdued, and just put subtle accents of pink or red throughout the look? For today’s post, I’ll be sharing option 2, as I’ll be spending this Valentine’s Day with my gal pals at one of our favorite rooftop bars. So subtle will be key!

Today’s Look:

Tank – I am wearing a size medium, for my chest. This versatile tank goes perfectly with everything -from work to play, from winter to summer, and everything in between. It is always incredibly comfy. 

This tank comes in sizes XS – XL.

med_res (45) 

Metallic Midi SkirtI am wearing a size small. I’ve worn this midi skirt so many times, and I love that you can dress it up with the silk tank and heels, like I paired it with above. Or you can dress it down with an oversized sweater and sneakers. 

This skirt comes in sizes XXS – XL. 

med_res (48)

Hot Pink TrenchSadly, my trench coat is from last season….BUT I was able to find a very similar one. I’m not going to lie, I think I’m going to purchase this one as well! So cute! 

med_res (47)

Heart – Shaped Clutch – How adorable is this bag? I always love finding novelty handbags. No one will ever have the same one, and you will always be one-of-a-kind. While this bag is perfect for Valentine’s Day, you can use it all the way through the summer. 

med_res (46)

Block Heels – I am wearing a size 7, and these block heels are truly one of the comfiest pairs of dress shoes that are in my closet. They are also a very versatile shoe, and you can wear them throughout the entire year. 

They come in sizes 6 – 11 as well as half sizes. 

med_res (49) 

Have a wonderful night!


Cozy in Pink.

Cozy in Pink.

Happy Saturday!!

Nothing says the weekend like cozy sweaters and accessories.

Speaking of cozy, for today’s post this sweater and pom pom beanie are perfect for those chilly winter days and nights. Or when it is snowing and all you want to do is stay inside but you have to go to work, this sweater is perfect for the office; and it is so toasty. I am also all about the cozy winter accessories, like this beanie, which has been on trend for the past two years, and it looks like they won’t be going out of style any time soon.  

Today’s Post:

Pink Sweater – I am wearing a size medium in blush. I always go up a size in sweaters at Target as they tend to run a bit small. I have already worn it to work with leather leggings for a dressier look and of course, dress them down with denim. 

This sweaters comes in sizes XS-XL and in several different colors. 

med_res (13)

High Rise Skinny Jeans – I am wearing a size 4 petite. Being small, it is hard to find pants, especially jeans, that you do not need to have altered or hemmed. I have been able to find three stores where I do not need to have my jeans altered – Madewell, Loft, and of course Old Navy, which is where these jeans are from. I love that Old Navy has always carried pants, not just jeans, in regular, tall, and petite. That way all women of all shapes and sizes can find the perfect pair of pants and the perfect fit. 

 These jeans come in sizes 0 – 18 and in regular, tall, and petite. 

med_res (12)

Keds – I am wearing a size 7. I have LOVED Keds sneakers since I was a little girl. Remember when you would go into Strideright as a kid? They would measure your feet, and you would always get a new pair of Keds sneakers. Not only are they the comfiest sneakers, BUT they come in a wide variety of colors and styles. They are great for casual Friday at work, weekend errands, and perfect for all 12 months out of the year. 

These sneakers come in sizes 5 – 11 as well as half sizes. 

med_res (7)

Pom Pom Beanie – Hello cozy accessories! Beanies have always been my “go to” when it comes to winter hats. They are cozy, comfy, and warm. They also wash incredibly well, and never lose their shape or stretch out. Plus, they made for the perfect period on any winter look. 

med_res (11)

Have a wonderful Saturday.


Living Well in Madewell.

Living Well in Madewell.

Happy Tuesday!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend. It rained for part of the weekend, but it  definitely felt a lot warmer then it did during the week. I’ll take 40 degree days over the teens and 20’s any day of the week. I think we can all agree on that. 

While I love chunky sweaters, I tend to get very warm in the winter. I try not to wear such heavy sweaters if I know I am going to be wearing my down coat, scarf, and all the other winter accessories. Madewell has the perfect sweaters and flannels for those long winter months, and I find that I never feel overly warm like I do in others.

Did you know that Madewell recycles your old pair of jeans? Just bring in an old pair of Madewell jeans, and they’ll be recycled into insulation for homes for families in need. And you’ll get $20 off a new pair! 

Today’s Look:

Flannel – I love flannels to be oversized, so I am wearing a size medium in Buffalo Check. This flannel is perfect for both work and play. I have already worn it to work with a skirt and loafers. 

This flannel comes in sizes XXS – XL. 

med_res (3)

Black JeansMine are from last season, but I was able to find almost the exact same pair that are also from Madewell. I am wearing a size petite 4 or 34 in their size chart. I love jeans that button up the front, as opposed to the ones that zip, because the pants lay flatter with buttons. It’s also easier to tuck a tee, blouse, or sweater in. 

The jeans come in in regular, tall, petite and in 33 – 37. 

med_res (4)

Leopard Mules – I am wearing a size 7, and these mules are SO COMFY!!!! If I could wear them every day I would. I am not going to lie, I may have been wearing them almost every single day since buying them. They are the perfect shoe for work when you don’t want to wear a pair of heels, and they are perfect for the weekend too! They come in sizes 6-9 and in half sizes. 

med_res (5)

Pom Pom BeanieI love cozy hats for the winter. They keep you warm, and they look cute with everything. This hat washes really well, so you won’t run the risk of shrinking that hat. 

This hat is One Size and comes in black and ivory. 

med_res (6)

Have a wonderful day!



When January felt like April.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend. The weather this past weekend was absolutely beautiful. It felt like spring in the middle of January. I would love to hold onto this weather all winter long. We spent all weekend outside in the sun, and I love that on warm days in the winter all the restaurants put out all of their outdoor seating so lunch was spent outside watching the tourists go by. 

While I do not mind winter, I do mind the wind and the snow and slush….maybe we won’t have that this winter? A girl can dream! It was nice not to be bundled up and feel like a marshmallow rather then a person. For today’s post I’ll be sharing a few faves of mine when the temperature is mild, and you can leave the layers at home. 

Today’s Post:

Teddy CoatI am wearing a size small, in Beige, and not only is it cozy, but it truly is really warm and is perfect for layering underneath. These coats come in an array of styles and colors. Since I am petite I like the shorter coats, but if you are taller you would look great in the mid-length Teddy Coat as well. 


Oversize Sweater – I am wearing a size small in Heather Grey. I love a great oversize sweater. They go with everything; jeans, chinos, a skirt, and so much more. They are also a favorite of mine. Since they are so warm, I do not have to bundle up so much underneath, so that is always a win in my book. 

This sweater comes in sizes S – XL and in several different colors. 

med_res (1)

Leather Skirt – I am wearing a size 2, and this is the perfect transitional piece that you can wear all year round. Comes in sizes 0 – 12. 

med_res (2)

Booties – I am wearing a size 7 in Beige. I have always loved pointed toe booties. I feel like they are a bit dressier and add the perfect finishing touch. I’ve been looking for a silver pair, as I threw away my old ones and I have yet to find a pair that I love as much. These are a close second though! They come in sizes 5 – 10 as well as half sizes. 


Have a wonderful Wednesday!