Happy Tuesday! 

What is up with the weather? 60’s in the city yesterday, then freezing temps tomorrow, and then back into the 50’s! We are all going to be sick by the weekend due to the changing temps hahaha. While I do love the first snowfall, I am not so sure if I am ready for it just yet, but at least it will look pretty! The city is already starting to decorate for Christmas, and the snow always looks like glitter on top of all the twinkling lights throughout the city. 

This constant change of weather also makes it incredibly difficult to figure out how to dress. I have all my winter gear out and ready to go. But you bundle up and get hot halfway through the day, or in my case, when I get to the subway…haha. I have the perfect wool coat for days like this, when it still isn’t cold enough to wear your down coat, but not warm enough to just wear a jacket. My mom gave it to me when I moved to the city three years ago (thanks mom), and she had it for over 10 years! I get more compliments on this coat then I do on anything else. While I know this coat is old, don’t worry, I found four similar ones that are also from Ann Taylor. 

Today’s Look:

Coat This coat is almost the exact same as the one that I have photographed. Perfect for those chilly days in November and December, and it is the perfect coat for all of the holiday parties you will attend over the next two months.

This coat comes in sizes XXS – XXL, as well as regular, tall, and petite. 

I’ve also linked three other coats: 

Coat 2 

Coat 3

Coat 4

med_res (6)

Turtleneck  – I am wearing a size medium petite in black. When I was little, I really did not like to wear turtlenecks. I don’t think I liked them because I wore a uniform to school, and during the winter we had to wear them, so I think I just wanted a change on the weekends. Now, I LOVE them and I think they are so comfy and cozy, especially during the winter. They also look great tucked into a pair of jeans. Great for casual Friday and a night out. 

This turtleneck comes in sizes XXS- XL, regular and petite, and in two different colors. 

med_res (4)

Jeans – I am wearing a size 26, and while mine are from last year, I was able to find the same pair just in a different color. I love that they button up the front, so that they lay flatter, and it makes it easier to tuck your shirt in. They come in sizes 23 – 32. 

med_res (5)

Happy Tuesday!  




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