Summer Ready.

Happy weekend loves!

FINALLY, it is starting to feel like summer! I thought we would never get here, but the warm weather feels absolutely wonderful. Today dropped to the 60’s, so I opened all the windows in the apartment, to let in all the fresh air. Living in this concrete jungle can sometimes make you feel suffocated, and let’s be honest, it doesn’t always smell the greatest. hahaha So, it feels wonderful to let fresh air in and hear the sounds of the bustling neighborhood below. 

For today’s post I will be sharing an outfit that is one of my go to’s to beat the summer heat. It looks great on everyone, and all the pieces are for a really great price! 

Today’s Look:

Off The Shoulder Top – I am wearing a size small in blue and white. This top is PERFECT for the summer, and you can even transition this piece into the fall. You can wear this top with shorts in a variety of colors and styles, a denim skirt, and even jeans! They come in three different colors and in sizes S-L. 

SALE ALERT: This top is only $15 and you can get an additional 10% off. 

IMG_2430 fixed

Denim Shorts – I am wearing a size 26, in white, and they truly are the most comfortable pair of shorts that I own. They go great with anything, and you can transition these shorts into the fall as well, by pairing them with a sweater and booties! I am all for versatile and transitional pieces! They come in sizes 24-34. 

SALE ALERT: This pair of denim shorts are only $49.00.

IMG_2434 fixed

Sandals – I am wearing a size 7 in Chambray Stripe. They are incredibly comfortable ,and they don’t give you any blisters, which is always a win in my book! I must get blisters at least 6 times a month, so any pair of shoes that don’t give me any, I will be sure to wear again and again. They come in sizes 6-10 and in two different colors. 

SALE ALERT: This pair of shoes is currently $19.99.


Have a wonderful night!



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