Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Hump Day loves!

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday, and Valentine’s / Galentine’s Day! I swear I think this is the one day, of the year, where you are allowed to eat too much candy and doughnuts, wear too much pink, and not have to feel bad about it! Also, it was 50 degrees today. I’ve never had a Valentine’s Day where it has even been that warm, but I will gladly take it. 

For today’s post, I will be sharing a favorite of mine for the end of winter, and beginning of spring. You guessed it, overalls! I LOVED them as a little girl, even though they took forever to get on and off. I was so petite that they always slipped off my shoulders, and were always too big around my waist. Fast forward 20 years and……. I STILL have that same problem hahaha. I have a large chest, but I am petite everywhere else, so I always have to go a size up. But than they are so big everywhere else. I don’t care because they are still fun, and remind me of being a child. Except now, instead of just pairing them with a tee and white ked sneakers, as an adult you can wear them with blouses, sweaters, and even a bodysuit underneath. Don’t want to wear sneakers? No problem! Pair them with booties, or a fun block heel, and you are all ready to go!

Today’s Look:

Overalls  – I am wearing a size 27. I went up a size, because of my chest, and they are big around the waist and legs, but I am getting them taken in. Stay true to your size when it comes to overalls, so you don’t have to do what I did. But, they are incredibly comfortable, and they look great with a variety of different tops and shoes!

IMG_2133 fixed

Blouse  – I am wearing a size medium, and I not only love the fit, and feel, of this blouse, but I love the coloring as well. You can wear this blouse with anything, from jeans to a leather skirt. Perfect for work and play. 

IMG_2137 fixed

Sneakers  – I am wearing a size 7 and I kid you not they REALLY work! I have worn them three times now, and the water repels off of the shoe. Plus, they don’t even get dirty. 

IMG_2138 fixed

Scarf  – My faux fur scarf is perfect for mixing it up, when you don’t want to use a blanket scarf, and you want more of an edgy vibe. Loft has always had great accessories, and this is certainly one of my favorites. 

IMG_2137 fixed

Clutch  – I stumbled upon this fantastic company and I have been forever changed. Studio DIY has the most adorable accessories, party ideas, and even balloons! In order to purchase this clutch you must subscribe. Each month you will receive a new clutch for only $19.99. From tacos, to clouds, to emojis, to poptarts!

IMG_2144 fixed

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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