Freezing Temps Equals Winter Fix.

Cheers to the weekend loves!

I feel like we all breathe a sigh of relief when the clock strikes 5 on Friday night, and we get to go home and spend two glorious days relaxing, running errands, and spending time with friends or family. This weekend I am spending it with my sister and some friends. While it may be raining it is STILL in the 50’s, meaning we will be enjoying every second of this “warmer” weather.

With winter comes all those layers and sweaters. Sometimes sweaters can by itchy and uncomfortable, meaning wool. I always have to wear a tee under mine so I am comfy. However, I try to find sweaters that are soft, and cozy, in material so I can stay warm, but not feel like I am going to scratch myself to death because the sweater is so itchy (sorry for the dramatics…) BUT it is true and we can all agree upon that.

For today’s post I will be sharing one of my favorite cozy sweaters, which goes with everything. It will leave you feeling warm, cozy, and itch free, which is ALWAYS an added bonus 🙂

Today’s Look:

Sweater – I am wearing a size medium. I always love my sweaters to be a bit big, and loose fitting, so that I can tuck them into the front of my jeans or skirt. Plus, if it is really cold outside you can layer a tee underneath without it feeling bulky or clunky. This sweater comes in sizes 0-14.

Winter 2

JeansI am wearing a size 25 in black. These jeans are so comfy and not hard to put on (like we know must skinny jeans can be). They look great with sweaters, tee’s, or blouses, and you can transition them into the spring and fall. They come in sizes 23-32 and in regular and tall.


BootiesI am wearing a size 7. These boots are perfect for all weather conditions, from rain to snow, and they look so cute with everything. They are insulated so they keep your feet warm and dry, so I would definitely snag a pair before they are gone! They come in sizes 4-12 and in half sizes.

Winter 3

Down jacket – Sadly, my winter coat is from last year. But, I have linked a very similar coat which is currently on sale for a great price. It is always so hard to find a winter jacket that provides warmth, and protection, and all for a fair price. My jacket was $200, but this one is below $165 which is great for a winter coat. It is a really nice jacket that is durable, so you will have it for years to come. It comes in sizes XXS-L and in black and navy blue.

Winter 4

Have a wonderful Saturday.


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