Cooler temps call for cozy layers.

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope that you had a wonderful weekend. The weather was absolutely beautiful at home, nothing beats the beach in the fall. The way the water hits the sandy shore,  you hear the seagulls and the sand in between your toes, it truly is magical. Rehoboth is so peaceful this time of year, it makes you want to bottle it up and never let it go. 

Due to the warmer temps they started putting up all the decorations around town, and while I love Christmas, I always feel that Thanksgiving gets pushed to the way side in the stores. We were at the store and they already had the Holiday Oreo’s and all the Christmas decorations out. While Christmas is my favorite Holiday I do love Thanksgiving as well, so I am all about them inventing Thanksgiving Oreo’s with turkeys on them.

For today’s post I will be sharing another favorite look of mine, which is cozy leggings, sweatshirts, and blanket scarves. This outfit is perfect for those chilly fall and winter weekends spent taking brisk walks or cozying up on the couch.

Today’s Look:

Fleece – I am wearing a size large, in men’s, in white. This fleece was actually my dad’s fleece and after he passed away I kept it. He actually had it in 3 different colors so needless to say he thought they were comfy as well haha. Although he has been gone for 6 years they still carry the fleece and I may have to go purchase another one. They go perfectly with leggings, they are so warm and they wash great! They come in sizes XS-3XL and in several different colors.

IMG_1847 fixedIMG_1843 fixed

Leggings – I am wearing a size small. The best part about these leggings is that they are part of the ColdGear Collection so they keep you warm and dry in the snow and rain. They also help to maintain body heat so you are never cold. These are a life saver in the winter when it is so windy outside. They come in sizes XS-XL and in black and tan.

IMG_1849 ixedIMG_1845 fixed

Sneakers – I am wearing a size 7 and I know that I have posted these many times on the blog before but they are just so comfy and they go great with everything. I have been wearing Keds since I was a little girl and they are still my favorite sneaker. They come in sizes 4-13 as well as half sizes and several different colors.

IMG_1854 fixedIMG_1850 fixed

Blanket Scarf – I love blanket scarves and I have a wide variety of them but I have to say that the scarfs that Modcloth sell are my favorite. They come in a wide variety of colors and you can wear them as a shawl or as a scarf.

RehobothIMG_1853 fixed

Have a wonderful Monday!


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