Monday Funday.

Happy Monday loves!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend! The weather was absolutely spectacular here in the city. Due to the warm weather, the leaves haven’t really begun to change on the trees throughout the city. This is my favorite time of year, when you can walk around Central Park, or Riverside, and see all the leaves change and feel the crisp autumn air. 

While the weather may have been beautiful outside, my poor sister did not get to enjoy a lot of it as she has been studying for midterms all weekend! I cannot believe that she is coming up on year two of her masters program, and is now applying for her PhD!!! I could never do it but that’s what makes me so proud of her and I know that she is going to do incredible things. While she did have to spend most of her weekend inside, I did get her out of the apartment yesterday. We went out to lunch and for a walk. Sometimes it is nice to just let your mind take a breather and what cures that better than burgers and fries of course! We’d never been to Bare Burger and it was so cute inside and the food was great so we will definitely be going back.

For today’s blog post I will be sharing another fall staple of mine which are swing dresses. They are so easy to wear. You can walk right out the door and you look polished and put together.

Today’s Look:

Swing Dress – I am wearing a size small petite. Does anyone else have that problem where they purchase petite clothing but the dress or pants are still too long? That literally happens to me all the time! So I just tied up the one side of the dress to give my legs a bit more of a dimension. This dress is perfect for those in-between days when it isn’t hot but still isn’t cool. This dress comes in sizes XS-L, regular, tall, and petite, and two different colors. My print is no longer in stock.

IMG_1816 fixed

TOMS – I am wearing a size 7 in Rose Gold. These are the perfect shoe for fall, and they go with everything, from jeans and a tee, to a dress. They come in sizes 5-12, as well as half sizes, and in 2 different color.

* If you sign up today you will get 10% off your first purchase.

IMG_1828 fixed

Clutch – I stumbled upon this fantastic company and I have been forever changed. Studio DIY has the most adorable accessories, party ideas, and even balloons! In order to purchase this clutch you must subscribe. Each month you will receive a new clutch for only $19.99. From tacos, to clouds, to emojis, to poptarts!

* This clutch of the month is Sprinkles! With an adorable ice animal cookie for the key-chain!

IMG_1819 fixed

Sunglasses –   I am obsessed with sunglasses. I literally have 40 pairs and the worst part is I should really wear the sunglasses with my prescription in them and I never do….oops? These sunglasses are perfect for the fall and they are a steal so I would definitely grab them while you can.

* They are currently only $20.50 online!

IMG_1817 fixed

Have a wonderful Monday!


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