The Eyes have It.

Happy National World Sight Day!

It is held to bring focus to visual impairments and blindness. I am bringing this to your attention as it is very near, and dear, to my heart. I was born prematurely at 26 weeks gestation, only weighing a little over one pound. My biggest hurdle was my sight, as well as a large growth on my right eye, and the absence of a tear-duct. As a child, I was legally blind.

After many years of reconstructive surgery, and visits to my favorite group of doctors at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, (CHOP), all of my vision problems were solved for the most part. There were many obstacles to overcome, most having to do with reading and learning in the classroom. Due to the impairment of my vision as a child it was difficult to stay in-tune with the other students but with the help of incredible teachers, tutors, and parents, I was able to stay on the same level as the other kids. We certainly had our dark and difficult days but I was able to overcome it all with hard work and determination. As a little girl I wore glasses. I  had a different pair for everyday, and my favorite pair had rainbows on the stems. I still wear glasses to this day and wish they made the rainbow glasses in adult sizes because I’d be all about them.  

I wanted to share my story with you today, as I wanted to not only bring awareness to the visually impaired, but I wanted to thank the incredible doctors that I was blessed with at CHOP. Dr. James Katowitz and Dr.Graham Quinn not only saved my sight, but they gave me the chance to have a wonderful life and be able to do the things that I am able to do today. They will always hold such a special place in my heart. I will spend the rest of my life thanking them and spreading the hope that Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia gives to all children. 

Eyes 4Little TDaddyeyes 2glasses 1Eyes 3glasses 3IMG_1036(2) fixxed

Have a wonderful Thursday!



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