Denim and Ruffles.

Why is it only Wednesday????

Is it me, or does this week seem like it has been lasting a lifetime? And it is only Wednesday! I swear the weekend goes by in a blink of an eye, and the week just DRAGS! Especially with my sister in class, and me constantly working, time just seems to go by so slow. I am excited because my sister and I are going home next weekend. And let me tell you, you have never experienced fall until you have experienced it in Rehoboth Beach. The combination between the ocean breeze and changing colors of the leaves is enough to make you never want to leave. So I will be so happy to be home for that, even if it is just for a few days.

For today’s look I will be sharing another must for fall, which is the ruffle. What I love about the ruffle is that it comes in all forms – from tee’s, sweaters, and skirts, you can dress up any outfit with this chic little addition to your outfit.

Today’s Look

Ruffle Top – I am wearing a size small. It is the perfect little top to pair with shorts, like I have here, or with skinny jeans and booties. Since the top is ruffled and a bit fuller you want to make sure that whatever bottoms you wear are structured, and tailored, to be more form fitting. This top comes in sizes S-L and is only $19 bucks!

IMG_1715 fixed

Denim Shorts –  I am wearing a size 25. These cutoff shorts are perfect for the fall and I love that the denim has just the right amount of distress to them. You can even wear these shorts into the winter by pairing them with a pair of tights and little booties, or heels, and you are all set to go. These shorts come in sizes 23-32.

IMG_1718 fixed

Clutch –  I stumbled upon this fantastic company and I have been forever changed. Studio DIY has the most adorable accessories, party ideas, and even balloons! In order to purchase this clutch you must subscribe. Each month you will receive a new clutch for only $19.99. From tacos, to clouds, to emojis, to poptarts!

IMG_1726 fixed

Sandals – I am wearing a size 7. These are the perfect sandals for fall when the temps are still a bit warm. Plus, who doesn’t love a little leopard in their life? They come in sizes 6-10.

IMG_1716 fixed

Have a wonderful night!


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