Monday Funday.

Why are Mondays always so rough?

I found myself not wanting to get out of bed this morning to go to the gym, after hitting the snooze button twice, I got my butt up and to the gym. I like working out early in the morning, because I feel like I can conquer whatever the day throws at me. Plus, we have a gym in our building, so I really do not have an excuse not to go. While in college, our gym was across campus, so my excuse for not going every week was that is was too far away when it was snowing and raining. Then I discovered that we had a gym in the building next to our dorm, so I couldn’t use the excuse anymore (oops!)

Moving away from my fussing about the gym, I hope that everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day and they were able to spend it with the ones they love. We were unable to go home, as Meg is finishing up with her first semester of graduate school! I am so proud of my sister! We did send flowers to our grandma, and mom, and we will be seeing them next week for Memorial Day weekend! I cannot wait to go home. I am experiencing beach withdrawals.

Today’s blog post

For today’s post I will be sharing one of my favorite summer staples – a clean, and crisp, white top. I love how you can pair this top with either jeans, or shorts, and still come away with a fresh and polished look. Even if you are just running out to the store to get milk, you’ll look great!

Today’s Look

Oversized ShirtI am wearing a size extra small. When wearing an oversized shirt, you always want to go a size down so that it does not swamp your frame. By pairing this top with a structured bottom, you are able to have a balanced contrast between both shirt and pants. This top comes in sizes XS – L.

IMG_0157 fixed 2

Oversized Shirt #2Sadly, my version of this top is no longer in stock.  However, I was able to find the same one, with different patch work embroidered throughout the pocket of the shirt. This comes in sizes XS – L.

IMG_1355 fixed

JeansI am wearing a size 2 petite. I love boyfriend jeans. In my opinion, they are the most comfortable pair of jeans to own, and I certainly own quite a few pairs. They come in both regular, and petite, and in sizes 0 – 18.

IMG_1344 fixedIMG_1347 fixed

SandalsI am wearing a size 7, and they will probably be my favorite pair of shoes for the summer! They are so incredibly comfortable and you can clean them really easily. I am so upset that they did not have this color when I purchased them a few weeks back. I feel like I need to have this color in my closet as well. Hurry though, as they are selling fast!

IMG_0157 fixed 2

Have a wonderful Monday!


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