Monday, Funday.

Why are Monday’s always so hard?

I always become a bit sad when Sunday night rolls around, as I know that Monday is right around the corner. This doesn’t happen on Thursdays, as I realize that the weekend is almost upon us, and I have two glorious days to enjoy life.

While I have always been a morning person, I have never enjoyed Monday mornings.  I am always tempted to hit the snooze button, but I get my butt up and go to the gym. My workout literally only lasts for a half hour and then I am done. hahaha I also have to get ready for work, so we should just be happy that I even get those 30 – 45 minutes in.

While we all hate Mondays, I will be sharing something that does make me happy and can brighten my day. What is makes me happy? Clothing! Especially if it’s super cute, chic, and super affordable!!! While I do love splurging on clothes and shoes,  I also like finding great items for a great deal, that are just as cute! It is all about incorporating expensive and inexpensive items together. This way, you can come away with one incredibly cute look.  That is what today’s post is all about!

Today’s Look

Shift DressI am wearing a size small, in black. I first purchased this dress last summer, in white, and I wore it all the time. It is so easy to throw on, especially on a hot and humid day.  You can dress it up, by adding sandals, or keep it casual, with sneakers. This dress comes in sizes S – L and in black, pink, and green.

* This dress is currently $10 dollars! So, naturally I also bought the dress in pink. HELLO DEAL!


Sneakers I am wearing a size 6.5 in White. I have always loved a great white sneaker and these have such a fun twist to them, with diamonds all across the top. They have a bit of a lift to them, so your leg appears longer. They come in sizes 5 – 8, as well as half sizes. They come in both black and white.


Have a wonderful beginning to your work- week!


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