Color Me Blue.

Happy Easter weekend!

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful holiday weekend with family and friends and that you are enjoying this beautiful spring weather. My sister and I are home for Easter and this is always the perfect time to be in Rehoboth.  But of course I cannot wait until the summer when I can just lay on the beach and soak up the sun and enjoy the ocean.

Speaking of spring and summer, Rompers are always a must, and today’s blog will be all about the romper and all the details on my latest look. Rompers are not only incredibly cute and chic, but they are also comfortable, breezy and versatile. You can dress them up and wear them on a date, to a wedding and even to work; or keep them casual and relaxed.

Today’s Look

While my romper is from last season, I was able to find two very similar ones and the first one is from the same company as the my romper from last summer, so I know that it is very good quality and durable.

Romper #1This romper is by the same company as the one that I am wearing in the photo, I have this in a size small. These rompers run pretty true to size and they are incredibly soft and provide enough coverage where you can feel confident and chic. Plus the color pops and we all need a bright blue in our wardrobe for spring and summer. This romper comes in sizes XS – XL.

Romper #2We have another bright blue and tie dye romper that screams beach party! I know that I will be purchasing this romper very soon, I have similar items from this store and I have always loved everything that I own. They fit and feel great and I know that you will love this romper and will want to wear it everywhere. This romper comes in sizes S – L.


Monogrammed Sneakers –  I am wearing a size 7. Who doesn’t want monogrammed sneakers?!?! My mom, sister, and I have been shopping here for the past few years and we love all of their products. You can custom make sneakers, sandals, flats, etc. You simply pick your shoe size, any initials you want, and your color scheme. They not only do monogrammed shoes, but tee shirts, bathing suits, sweatshirts, accessories and bags! They make for perfect gifts, such as birthdays or bridal parties. I have way too many items from here, but they are unique and fun and you are sure to always be stopped and asked where you got it. These sneakers come in sizes 6 – 11 and in white or chambray.


Sunglasses – I truly have about 25 pairs of sunglasses. However, I wear my Coach pair all of the time because I have my prescription in the lenses so I can see.  When I saw these sunglasses, I knew that I needed to have them. So, when I have a day where I don’t feel like seeing far away, I just put these on (but I promise I only do that while walking). I always wear my prescription sunglasses when driving.

Clutch / CrossbodyI discovered this boutique last summer in Rehoboth. They have some of the cutest shoes and bags and they are perfect for the spring, summer, and warm tropical vacations. They have a website, which I have recently discovered, and while I purchased this bag last summer, they still have it in stock on their website along with 10 different designs and 3 different colors to pick and choose to put together. Made from all Vegan Leather, I know that you are sure to find the perfect one for you!


Have a wonderful Saturday and Easter.



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