Putting Our Best Foot Forward.

Happy Sunday!

Can you believe that it is already the beginning of April and that Easter is in less than 2 weeks? It was just Christmas! The months seem to be flying by, but I will not complain as Spring means one step closer to Summer, which is my favorite time of the year! Spring and Summer months mean sandals, bright colored sneakers, and fun pastel colored clothing. While I do love wearing black, I have always loved incorporating bright and bold colors into my wardrobe. I know that sometimes women are a bit hesitant to wear bold colors, but you do not necessarily have to wear a bright colored dress or top. You can add a pop of color by just adding a fun pair of sneakers or sandals.

In today’s post, I will not only be sharing with you my latest finds, but also how these fun and bright colored shoes can add a pop of color to any outfit. They are sure to put a smile on your face and a pep in your step.

Today’s Shoes

Keds Sneakers – I am wearing a size 5.5, as these are actually kids sneakers! Ladies, if you wear a size 6-8, then you can wear these adorable and bright sneakers that are perfect for the spring and summer! If your foot runs a bit bigger that is alright too. Keds has just released their Spring Collection for women, and the colors and patterns are so fun that I know that you will find the perfect pair!

* How to wear them – if you are still a bit hesitant about incorporating bold colors into your wardrobe, bright colored sneakers are the perfect way to start. You can pair these sneakers, or any other bright colored pair of shoes, with jeans or shorts, or a tee shirt dress if you are going for the more casual look. You can also dress them up and pair them with a jumpsuit or fun spring dress, which is currently very on trend right now. Either way, you will look and feel great!


Sandals #1 – I am wearing a size 7, as these sandals tend to run a bit big with the two wide bands that run across the top. These coral colored sandals are incredibly comfortable and full of support, so you will be able to be up on your feet and not even realize that you have them on. They come in size 5.5 – 8.5.

* How to wear them – These sandals go perfectly with a sundress and tee shirt dress, along with jeans. Looking for shoes to wear to a wedding or graduation? No problem! Pair your dress with these shoes and you will be wedding and graduation ready!


Sandals #2I am wearing a size 7.5 and they run pretty true to size, as I usually wear a size 7.5. They have a small heal on them, so you will have a bit of a lift, but they are still incredibly comfortable! Green is a very big color for the spring and you will be sure to impress. They come in sizes 7.5 – 9.5.

* How to wear them – This sandal is a bit dressier, so I would wear them with a sundress or even pair them with a summer dress for work. They are conservative, but still have a fun and bright edge to them.


Sperry SneakersI am wearing a size 7. They do have a bit of height to them, so I would recommend going a size down, that way you do not feel like they will fly off the back of your foot when walking. They come in sizes 5 – 11, as well as in half sizes.

* How to wear them – You can never go wrong with a classic white sneaker. They are simple and chic, and they go with virtually everything. If you are still a bit nervous about adding one bold color to your wardrobe, buy a great pair of white sneakers and buy the colored laces. The colored laces will add a pop of color, but in a very low key manner.


Have a wonderful Sunday!


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