Fun in the Sun.

Happy Tuesday guys!

I hope that everyone is having a great start to the week and have recovered from St. Patrick’s Day. New York City is CRAZY on St. Patrick’s Day, although we do not dye our river green like they do in Chicago. It is so cool and I recommend going and seeing it at least once! Along with St. Patrick’s Day, we’ve certainly had some crazy weather over the past few weeks. The week before last was in the 70’s, last week we had 19 inches of snow on the ground, and it is back in the 50’s today. Needless to say, I think that we will all be happy when it’s summer.But then we will complain and say that it is too hot (we are never content with what we have). I think we should all just try and be happy with whatever mother nature has in store for us… long as it is not 36 inches of snow…..

For today’s post, I will be sharing one of my outfits from when I was in San Diego. San Diego is truly one of the most beautiful cities that I have been to; from the people, to the weather, I have never been in such a happy place. Although if I had sunshine 24/7 that lasted 365 days a year like they have in San Diego, then I would always be smiling as well! It was nice to relax for a few days, sit by the pool, and get a tan when it is still winter….oh how the people who live in warm climates must feel. However, I still love Rehoboth Beach, that will always be home to me, and the perfect beach that I get to call mine.

Outfit details

Chambray Dress – I am wearing a size small. I love chambray dresses, as they are perfect to slip on and head out the door in the warm summer months of June, July, and August. Since I have a larger chest I tend to stay away from ruffles, but this is very subtle and lays flat, so you do not get that extra bulky material. This dress comes in sizes S-L and also comes in a pale pink, which I think I am going to purchase as well.

* This dress is only $22.90.

Bralette – I am wearing a size large. Having a larger chest, I always believed that I could not wear a bralette. However, Victoria’s Secret carries incredibly supportive bralettes.  The great thing about this bra is that it is a halter, so it pulls you up and together and is incredibly supportive. I have this bra in white and ginger glaze. They come in sizes XS-XL and in 12 different colors.

* These bralettes are $20 each, or 2 for $25.

IMG_1156 fixedIMG_1151.png fixed

Sandals – I am so happy that these sandals are back in stock. I have at least 4 pairs of these shoes from last summer and they brought them back. I am wearing a size 6, as they run a bit big, so I would go down a size. They come in sizes 6-10, and in 5 different colors.

* These shoes are $19.94.

Sunglasses – I truly have about 25 pairs of sunglasses. However, I wear my Coach pair all of the time because I have my prescription in the lenses so I can see. When I saw these sunglasses, I knew that I needed to have them. So, when I have a day where I don’t feel like seeing far away, I just put these on (but I promise I only do that while walking). I always wear my prescription sunglasses when driving. 

* These sunglasses are $12.00.

IMG_1148.png fixedIMG_1150.png fixed

Have a wonderful evening!


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