Springing into Spring.

Happy Saturday!

Do you ever just have one of those weeks, where you just wish that you had more hours in the day? That has been me all week, and the snow and cold weather that we have been experiencing here in the city certainly has not helped. I am so ready for Spring and to spend the next week in the sun with my family. Does anyone else have that problem where they are packing and get to the shoes and you pack about 6 or 7 pairs, but end up only wearing 3? I have this problem all of the time and you’d think that I’d learn, but I never will ( I think it is a girl thing.)

Speaking of spring, today’s post is geared towards all of my latest buys and I cannot wait to wear them all spring and summer long. Of course I am bringing them on vacation. The best part about every item is that everything is under $100 dollars, which is wonderful because you can buy twice as much and it is all at a lower price. I only ever splurge on items that will be timeless and last a very long time. I typically do that with accessories such as a handbag, sunglasses, or jewelry. I tend not to do so with shoes because I am sometimes hard on my shoes, and now living in the city I hate getting my shoes dirty.

Spring Collection

Sleeveless Jumpsuit – I have a size small petite in black. I love that this is a twist on the classic jumpsuit, and you can dress it up or dress it down. You can even wear this type of jumpsuit to work with a blazer, or sweater, over top. This jumpsuit comes in black and a floral pattern. Sizes include  XS-L and in regular, tall, and petite.

* This jumpsuit is only $34.94.

Athletic Shorts – I have them in a size small. Not only do they have fun and colorful prints, but they also keep you cool and comfortable when working out, or running errands. They come in sizes XS-XXL and in 6 different colors. 

* They range in price between $8 – $14.

Printed Scarf – I know that I posted this scarf a few weeks ago, but I also purchased the other design that is featured below. This scarf comes in 8 different patterns.

* This scarf is $12.00

Pumps – I have these shoes in a size 7. They have the perfect heel, for both work and for play. Floral is a must for spring and this is a perfect way to incorporate the trend into your wardrobe. They come in sizes 6 – 10 and 2 different patterns.

* The pumps are $34.94.

Crossbody Bag – This bag is perfect for transitioning into the spring and summer months. You can wear the bag two different ways; with either the colorful shoulder strap, or take it off and carry the bag on your arm. This bag comes in two different colors.

* The crossbody is $39.90. 

Block Heel Sandal – I have them in a size 7 1/2 and they were so incredibly comfortable when I tried them on. The block heel is another trend for the spring and these are the perfect shoes to step into when trying out this trend. They go perfectly with jeans or a flowy dress. They have a very whimsical and dreamy feel to them. They come in sizes 5 – 10, as well as in half sizes.

* These shoes are $29.90.

Sperry – I have these Sperry’s in a size 7. Sperry’s are a very classic shoe and they go wonderfully with everything. They are the perfect dressy sneaker to wear in the spring and summer. They come in sizes 5 – 12 and in 3 different colors. 

* These Sperry’s are 59.95.


Untitled design

Have a wonderful Saturday.


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