Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

Another week in the books, and now we can relax and enjoy the weekend. What a difference a week makes! Last Friday is was 75 and sunny, and today it is 40 and snowing. I believe mother nature is very confused currently, but I will be happy when it stays in the 70’s and continues to get warmer.  I’ve learned to keep both summer and winter clothes in the closet, as I have no idea what type of weather we will be experiencing from day to day, let alone week to week. So, everything just stays right where it is in my closet, including my sandals.

My sister and I went home for the weekend. It is just as windy and cold here as it is in the city, but at least I can  get in a car and drive, as opposed to walking and run the risk of blowing away….I know I am not the only one that happens to. However, as long as the sun is shining, and the ocean breeze is blowing, I know that I am home.

For today’s post I will be sharing the perfect coat to wear in this in-between weather when we do not want to wear our big heavy ski coats, but we also cannot go with just a lightweight jacket.  This is the perfect Puffer Coat for this type of weather, which I have a feeling we will be experiencing for a while . Plus, you do not need to spend a lot of money on this coat, or other Puffer Coats, as they are all going on sale as we are nearing the end of winter. You can stock up for next year. 

Look Details

Puffer Coat – I am wearing this coat in a size 4 and it is incredibly insulated and warm. The best part is that this coat is machine washable. I love to wash my coats and this coat washes beautifully. This coat comes in sizes 0 – 12. 


Tee Shirt – I am wearing a size medium in black. This tee is comfy and goes great with everything, either paired with jeans, or a skirt.  You can never go wrong with a classic black tee, and it has leather down the side so you can dress any outfit up or down. This tee comes in sizes S – XXL and in grey, green, or black.

Jeans – I am wearing a size 2 petite. These jeans run true to size and they always fit and feel great when wearing. They come in sizes 2 – 18 and in regular, tall, and petite.

* SALE ALERT – you will receive 40% when using the code THANKYOU.


Clutch / Crossbody – This clutch is the Spring version of the bag that I featured on the blog, which I purchased in November. What I love about this bag, is that you can wear it as a clutch, or as a crossbody.

TOMS – designed with Beauty and the Beast.  Each pair is created differently with your own personal stamp on them. I LOVE these shoes and I believe that this designer does an incredible job.


Have a wonderful Friday night!


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