Patches upon Patches.

Happy Wednesday

The weather has been absolutely BEAUTIFUL this week in Manhattan. It is going to be close to 70 on Friday and I am half tempted to pull out my shorts, but I feel like that may be going a little overboard as it isn’t even the end of February. I do not know about you, but I hate the winter because I have to wear pants. If I could wear cute little sundresses and shorts yearly, I would… legs just want to be free!!! I will be able to do just that in a few weeks when I am on vacation. So, maybe I’ll just bottle up all the warm weather and bring it home with me….that counts as a carry-on… right???? 

For today’s post, we all know that patches and embellishments on clothing and accessories have been a must this year, and this trend is continuing into the Spring. I will be sharing some of my favorite jeans that have a variety of embellishments and all are under $150. What I love about the embellishments on denim pants is that you can wear them anywhere, either by dressing them up or down. You can go for a relaxed look, like I did for this look, and pair them with a basic tee and sneakers or flats. Or dress them up with a sweater, or blouse, and heels, which I have shared with you in the past. The whole point is to remember that you do not want to take the focus away from what is eye catching, and that is the pants.

Outfit Details

Denim Jeans #1 – South Moon Under always has a fantastic variety of denim and their jeans are always so incredibly comfortable and easy to wash. What I love about these jeans is that while they do have the embellishments throughout the jeans, they are more simplistic and not overwhelming. So if you are a little nervous to try jeans with a large amount of embellishments, these are the pants for you because they are simple. They come in sizes 24-31. I usually wear a 25 or 26 depending on the cut. img_1095-1

Denim Jeans #2 – Zara has a wide selection of denim and in a vast variety of styles and fits. I’ve never had a problem with any pair that I have purchased. What I love about this particular pair is that the embellishments and embroidery go down the sides of the pants, and than taper off at the bottom with a skinnier leg. These jeans have a slimmer fit, as opposed to a wider pants leg. Plus, this pair comes in a lighter wash.  They come in sizes 25-31. 

Denim Jeans #3 – Forever 21 always has a fun array of denim, and the jeans that I’ve linked are very similar to the jeans that I am featuring on the blog today. These are such a fun pair of pants, and you can dress them up or down, which I love. They come in sizes 24 – 31.


Denim Jeans #4 – Old Navy always has the perfect denim for everyone. If you are not into the embroidered look, I have included another favorite of mine, which I wear all the time. They are a bit distressed, but still very conservative if you are not into the embroidered look. They come in regular, tall, and petite, and in sizes 0-18.

Have a wonderful night!


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