Kiss, Kiss.

Happy SuperBowl Sunday!!!

Does anyone have any fun plans for tonight? I really do not care who wins, I just love football. I love the good commercials and the half – time show. My sister has a ton of homework for her classes this week so we will be vegging out on the couch eating pizza, chips and dip……good thing I exercise every week, lol! I could seriously never deprive myself of anything… especially pizza or fries,but I promise that I do eat healthy. My sister and I cook healthy meals almost every night, but you are allowed to splurge. I believe you should never deprive yourself of anything, that just makes you sad and why would you rather be sad, than eat a doughnut? I will always pick option number 2.

For today’s blog I will be sharing some of my favorite lipsticks. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, what would be better than finding that perfect shade for girls night, or that special date that your significant other is taking you on? Either way, you want your lips to be making their own statement. Speaking of shades….who is excited for Fifty Shades Darker that will be out in theaters this coming Friday? SO EXCITED! I’m not sure that would be a good movie for you and your date to see, but it would definitely make for a fun girls night out! 


Lipstick #1NYX has an incredible “Intense Butter Gloss” that lasts all day or night. The matte finish allows the lipstick to have a smooth and complete finish, which helps polish off your Valentine’s Day look. This butter gloss comes in 24 different shades. I have the lipstick featured in “Spice Cake”, “Sorbet” and “Apple Dumpling.” They truly have the cutest names!

Lipstick #2I have always loved MAC products, especially when it comes to lipstick. Again, I have featured a gloss in a very vibrant and bold shade. This gloss comes in 19 different shades and I have the gloss in Smart Aleck.


Lipstick #3Another MAC product. While I love vibrant colors, I also really love having a girlie tone to my lipstick.  This particular lipstick adds a bit of shine and glitter. It comes in 19 different shades and I have featured Petite Indulgence.

Have a wonderful and safe Sunday night!!!!


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