Let’s Snuggle.

Happy Monday!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend and enjoyed some of the beautiful weather that we are currently having. The weather men say that is is going to be in the upper 50’s for the rest of the week here on the East Coast, which I am SO HAPPY ABOUT! I only like cold temps for about 4 days and than I have had enough….so I will be enjoying this mild weather for as long as possible…maybe I will bottle it up to keep with me when the temps reach below freezing…..(fingers crossed that doesn’t happen more than twice.)

My sister and I had a wonderful Holiday weekend with our family and Meg starts back at Columbia on Wednesday….I cannot believe that she is almost done her first year in the graduate program….she received all A’s last semester and I could not be prouder of my sister! She is a ROCK STAR!!

For today’s blog I will be sharing with you my latest look….I know that some are opposed to the turtleneck sweater….and when I was younger I did not like them either….but I have grown to really love them. There are so many great styles and trends of turtleneck sweaters and you can wear them with EVERYTHING (as opposed to when I had to wear them all 12 years of school when I wore a uniform). You can wear turtlenecks with skinny jeans, skirts, under a dress, with leather pants….they are incredibly versatile.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday night! I am watching the Bachelor…. I’ve been watching since day 1!


Turtleneck SweaterI am wearing a size small. This is a very structured sweater, and pretty true to size and fit. My color is currently sold out online, and they are only carrying it in black. However, the black sweater comes in sizes S-L. They are currently only $22.99.

Jeans –  I am wearing a size 2 petite. I know I have posted these jeans before, but they are only $21.99, so I would snag them while you still can. They come in sizes 0-18 and in regular, tall, and petite.


Ski Coat –  I am wearing a size petite small in black. This coat is so incredibly insulated and warm.  It comes in petite, tall, and regular; as well as sizes XS-L. The coat comes in both black and navy blue.


Hat –  Sadly, my hat is from last year, but I was able to find a very similar one. Sometimes hats look goofy on me because I have a very small head, but that does not stop me from wearing them!

Sneakers –  I am wearing a size 7.5, as these sneakers only come in half sizes. They come in sizes 4.5 – 11.5.


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