Happy Saturday everyone!

I hope everyone had a wonderful first week of the New Year….and we are all recovering from our food and alcohol comas…..gym here we come! I have always enjoyed going to the gym, but I have a bad habit of not going every day. I go about 3 – 4 times a week and that is it. I am trying to train myself to go every day like I did in college, but I am just so busy. However, I do walk a lot here in the city so that totally counts as exercise! Plus, I am not one of those people who will stop eating french fries because I have to go to the gym….I just simply eat the fries and than add 20 more minutes on the elliptical…. all about finding the balance 😉 

 I know that we have all made resolutions for the new year and we sometimes find it hard to stick to our resolution, whether it is going to the gym more,  going to bed earlier, or having a positive mindset. I know that I am guilty of not always staying on track with my New Year’s Resolution, but the key is to keep trying, and if we miss a day at the gym we shouldn’t beat ourselves up over it.The key for the New Year is to have a positive outlook on the brand new year that is ahead of us… work hard, to figure out what is truly important to us, and to just love and be kind to all. If we do that, than this will be a wonderful year. Of course we will have days that will not go as planned or events that will change our lives, but we have to remember how strong each and every one of us are and how far we have come. So when I am having a bad day, I just remember to think of that and that drives me to keep going….because the best is still yet to come.

Now enough of me getting up on my soap box, I am sharing with you my look for the many snowy, chilly, and wintery days that are ahead of us….but the GOOD NEWS is that most of the stores that my look is from are running SALES! So, you can stock up on all of your winter gear – all for a good price!

Have a wonderful day


Ski Coat – I am wearing a size petite small in black. This coat is so incredibly insulated and warm.  It comes in petite, tall, and regular; as well as sizes XS-L. The coat comes in both black and navy blue.

*SALE – While the coat is a bit pricey and is $298.00; J.Crew is running a sale, both online and in stores, and they are taking 40% off when using the code MUSTSHOP. Thus, the price reduces to $178.00, and free shipping if you are purchasing online.


LeggingsI am wearing a size small petite in black. I have always worn Under Armour athletic wear, but I really have fallen in love with Old Navy’s athletic wear. It is also a bit lower in price, which is always an added bonus. These leggings come in regular, tall, and petite, and in sizes XS-XL. They come in burgundy, black, and striped. Sadly, the black leggings are sold out online, but they are still carrying them in the stores.

*SALE – The leggings were originally $32.94, but they are now $25.oo. The discount is applied when checking out.


SweatshirtI am wearing a size small. Sadly, my sweatshirt is no longer being sold online but it is sold in stores. I was able to find a similar sweatshirt that is being sold both online and in the stores. This sweatshirt comes in sizes S-M.

*SALE – Forever 21 is running an end of season sale and they are taking 70% off.


SneakersI am wearing a size 7. These Keds are Champion Originals and some of my favorites. They come in sizes 4-13, as well as half sizes.  They come in 6 different colors.

*SALE – They were originally $45.00, but are now only $29.95.


Hat Sadly, my hat is from last year but I was able to find a very similar one. Sometimes hats look goofy on me because I have a very small head, but that does not stop me from wearing them!


*My scarf is from many previous posts.


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