Final Holiday Gift Guide.

Happy beginning of Christmas week!

Christmas is only 6 days away! I cannot believe how fast the time has gone.  I am so excited to go home, see my family and friends, and eat one too many cookies. We are supposed to have a very warm Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with temps in the 50’s and 60’s! I personally love a warm Christmas. While growing up, I experienced many Christmases with snow. This is why I will be so happy to have a warm holiday. Plus, we can forget about wearing the big heavy coats and scarves, and opting for a more lightweight jacket, or no jacket at all. All in all, it will be a warm Christmas here on the East Coast.

I know this week can be hectic and crazy for everyone, myself included. We may even feel  more stressed out than usual, but I am here to help.  I even have some last minute gifts to buy myself. I have the perfect gifts to bring to your Holiday and New Years Eve parties, or even bring to the family parties. Everything on today’s post is either under, or is, $50 and they are sure to leave an impression on the individual receiving the gift. There is something to fit everyone’s personal unique taste and style.

Holiday Round Up

Vintage Cocktail Book – I love a good cocktail, and I love finding new recipes (thank you Pinterest). I have found the perfect gift to bring to your next Holiday party. This is the perfect gift to give your Hostess with the mostest! This Vintage Cocktail book has over 60 different recipes, plus incredible photography. Not only can you make yummy drinks, but it also make a great book for any coffee table, or kitchen counter top.

* The price for this Cocktail Book is $50.

Coffee MugFor all of you coffee lovers out there, or your best girlfriend that cannot go a day without her Starbucks, this is the perfect coffee mug for her. This mug is fun, whimsical, and girlie. It is sure to put a smile on your face every morning.

* The price for this Mug is $14.


Beaded Party BagI love this bag. I have received so many compliments from all of the Holiday parties that I have been to. Instead of carrying a big bag, or even a clutch, this is perfect to hold the essentials….money, ID, and lip gloss. They come in 2 other styles and I know that your friends will love it.

* The price for this bag is $28.

Leather KeychainWe all have friends who misplace their keys! This leather J. Crew key chain  is perfect to put your keys on. Plus, it also adds a fun embellishment to any bag or clutch. 

* The price for this key chain is $15.

Pressed Roam CandleI LOVE these candles! I hadn’t heard about these until a few weeks ago when my sister mentioned them to me. Companies are now making candles that smell like cities and states! I have one that smells like Delaware, and another that smells like Paris. The candles that I have attached today smell like different cities.The company picks the key scents from each city and combines them into one incredibly smelling candle. They make for the perfect gift.

* The price for these candles are $22.

Moet & Chandon Phone CaseI have been OBSESSED with this company’s collection of phone cases. They have literally every style under the sun. I have this phone case and I receive compliments all the time. I’m not going to lie, once you have one, you will want 10 (guilty as charged). These phone cases range from food, to dogs, to travel, to inspirational quotes. You can also customize your phone case, so they make for fantastic gifts. These phone cases range from iPhone 4 – iPhone 7. You can choose from a clear or black case, as well as a hard or soft cover. 


Have a wonderful Monday everyone!





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