Pretty in Pink.


I cannot believe that it is already Wednesday, and that Thanksgiving is next week! Wasn’t it just Halloween…..? I am so sorry that I have not posted in the past few days, I have been so busy. I am so happy that I am able to get a post out to you tonight! I love being able to mix different dark colors together, such as grey and black. I truly love mixing and matching these two colors as they go with everything. PLUS when you have a basic color, you can incorporate fun and bright colors, such as hot pink or cobalt blue, which is what I have done to create my look. Leather is a fall/winter staple, as well as timeless.  You should always  have at least two leather items in your closet, from a jacket, to gloves, booties, a skirt, or pants  Now, leather chokers are back in style. So, say hello to the 90’s! I LOVE IT ( and I was only a little kid in the late 90’s)

On tomorrow’s blog, with Thanksgiving and the holidays right around the corner, I’ll be sharing with you my new favorite lip color for the holiday season. This color screams festive, fun, and party ready!

I hope everyone has a beautiful night!


Denim JacketI am wearing a size small. These denim jackets from Denim Supply, by Ralph Lauren, tend to run a little big.  I love that these jackets run larger, because you are able to wear this jacket into the fall and even winter, by layering a sweater or thermal underneath. My jacket comes in sizes XS-XL.


Leather LeggingsI am wearing a size small. These leggings come in sizes 0-14. An added bonus is, if you are a student they offer you a discount online!

Ballet FlatsI am wearing a size 7. Sadly, these flats are from last year. However, I was able to find a very similar pair from J.Crew. These ballet flats are so comfy and I know that you will love them to. They come in sizes 6-10 and in three different colors (brilliant purple, neon dahlia, and warm sepia. 


Grey TeeI am wearing a size petite medium. They are so soft and come in several different colors. These tees come in sizes XS-L, as well as petite, regular, and tall.




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