Spooktacular and Scary.

Happy Thursday!

I am so sorry that I have not posted until now! This week has been crazy, but I am excited to share some of my favorite outfits for the holiday season. Even though they are perfect for Halloween, they are still feminine and fashion forward. Yet still SCREAMS Halloween. I have always loved Halloween. I think I went as a Princess at least 4 times growing up (Sleeping Beauty 2x, Anastasia and Belle). I was also a Poodle Girl 3x, a girl from the 60’s, and my all time favorite costume had to be when I went as Cruella Devil and Meg went as one of the Dalmatian puppies. She broke her arm, so we painted her cast with dots, and made her costume, which was adorable! I wore a leather dress, my mom’s fur coat, AND a wig. I will have to find you guys some pictures… it was CRAZY!

For today’s blog, I am sharing a sweatshirt that I found at Marshalls. They also had a Pumpkin sweatshirt, so of course I had to get both. While some think that you can only wear a sweatshirt to run around in, you can actually dress them up as well. While I went for a relaxed look and paired mine with leggings, you can certainly dress them up. They can be dressed up by pairing them with a denim, leather, or suede skirt and add some tights and booties. You can also pair them with skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, or even leather leggings -which would make it look edgy. I always tuck the front of the sweatshirt in, so it does not appear so boxy. The great thing about a sweatshirt, or top, that has a pumpkin on it, is that you can still wear it after Halloween. We still have all of November and Thanksgiving so I am excited to share that look with you as it gets colder outside.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday! Only one more day until the WEEKEND!


Halloween Top – Sadly, both of my sweatshirts are no longer in stock, and I tried to find similar ones, but none were as cute. Plus, they appeared a little too masculine. This being said, I did find an adorable website called Ily Couture and they have fantastic feminine tops. I purchased a few items and I cannot wait to wear them. They carry everything, and when you spend over $20 the shipping is free!


LeggingsI am wearing a size small. Out of all the athletic leggings that are being sold, Under Armour are my favorite. They material is water resistant, so they are perfect for when you are working out, or get caught in the rain. They are also insulated, so they keep you warm in the winter. They come in Black or Black and Pink, as well as in sizes XS-XL.


SneakersI am wearing a size 7.

Down VestI tend to buy bigger vests because if I buy a petite one I cannot layer as much underneath. I sometimes hate wearing a coat. So, I love having the ability to layer under a good solid vest. I am wearing a small regular. They come in petite, regular, and tall. Plus,  sizes XS-XXL and in 2 different colors.


Oversized Blanket ScarfI LOVE blanket scarves, as I have previously stated. They are so versatile and you can wear them with everything. The best part is that they are all on sale and only $19.00. They come in 11 different colors!

Halloween SocksI love all holiday socks. I wear them all year long and I do not care. They are just so much fun and so cute. Plus, I wear mine with leggings and sneakers, so that they keep you warm.



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