Plaid on Plaid.

Happy Hump Day!

It has been on of those weeks that has felt never ending and it is only Wednesday. It’s been a very busy week, but I have always loved being busy. Plus, it was WONDERFUL to see our mom but I’m always sad to see her leave. We live 3 hours away from each other but sometimes it feels like 100. She shares my french fry obsession so I am always happy to share them with her….well sometimes.

What I love about the fall is that you can wear flannel ALL THE TIME! I love mixing different flannels, patterns, and textures together and while it sometimes feels a little overwhelming to put all these pieces together, it truly isn’t, I promise. I am all for being adventurous when it comes to trying new styles and outfits, so never be afraid to mix three different styles together. My only advice would be that if you do plan on wearing different patterns or textures, remember to keep structure. For example, I decided to wear my oversized flannel and flannel scarf  together. Both of these pieces are so bold that you need structure incorporated throughout the outfit, which is why I paired it with a black dress that is form fitting so it ties everything together. Never be afraid of a trend or be afraid that you cannot pull it off, because you can! Do not worry about what others think and just be yourself! Wear your clothes with pride and confidence and know that you look incredible!

Have a wonderful day everyone!


Black Dress – I am wearing a size small. While the dress is form fitting the fabric does stretch so you will feel comfortable throughout the day. This dress comes in three colors- black, navy and white; as well as sizes small through large.

Oversized Flannel – I am wearing a size small, as the flannel is oversized and I am petite.  The shirt was longon me to begin with. Sadly, my flannel is no longer in stock but I was able to find a similar one from the same company. They only have mediums and larges left in stock.

Blanket Scarf – One size fits all.

Leopard SperryI am wearing a size 7, and while my Sperry’s are from a few years ago, I was able to find similar shoes. They comes in sizes 5 through 12, and even in half sizes.

Backpack – When living in the city, you are always carrying a lot around with you and this backpack is perfect for keeping everything organized. An added bonus is that it wipes clean, so if it ever gets dirty you can clean it off with a wipe and you are good to go.




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