I’ve Got My Eye On You.

Happy Hump Day!

I hope everyone is having a great week so far, only two more days until the weekend. We are supposed to have beautiful weather this weekend- temps in the 60’s. Not only do I love sweater weather, I love that it is the perfect time of year for pairing cute t-shirts with jeans and comfy flats. I feel like I will be doing a lot of that this season along with lots of t-shirt dresses that are PERFECT for the fall.

My outfit from today was super casual but still put together and neat. I can wear this to run errands all day but I can also wear it out to dinner. All about being comfortable, but still looking nice. I am also currently loving all the fun and funky t-shirts with the eyelashes, sayings, and glitter on them. I recently saw sweaters, t-shirts and sweatshirts that have burgers and fries on them and I say SIGN ME UP! Who doesn’t want to wear food on their clothes without actually spilling on them? I always accidentally spill something on myself. I swear when I get married I am going to have to wear a bib so I don’t ruin my dress! Sorry guys, I do not know why I needed to tell you that, but hey we all have our quirks.

I hope everyone has a beautiful Wednesday evening.




T-shirtI am wearing a size medium, as these tops tend to run a little small due to the fabric. As well as with fun tops like these, you are totally fine with them being in-expensive.

Denim Jeans – I am wearing a size 2 in petite, they come in regular and tall and in sizes 0 – 18. Plus they are only 30 dollars!

TOMS – I am wearing a size 7, and they come in sizes 5 – 12 and they also come in half sizes and always remember that when you buy a pair of TOMS a child in need gets a pair of shoes.

Crossbody – Crossbody bags are perfect for being able to carry everything and keep it all in one place. You are also able to wash all Vera Bradley bags which I LOVE.



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