Sweating It Out

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. The heat was horrible yesterday, especially with the humidity almost at 100%! However, that did not deter us from working out in Central Park. One of the things that I have always loved about Central Park is that so many different events can take place all within the same area. From bike tours, to carriage rides, to birthday parties and yoga sessions. Yesterday they were having the Race for the Cure Run in the park to support Breast Cancer Awareness, which was really wonderful to witness. So many good people in this world.

After sweating it out in the heat we may have eaten ice cream afterwards but who cares, you gotta live a little, so we made ice cream sundaes at home. Gotta love all the rainbow sprinkles and hot fudge!

Thankfully, today the humidity has gone away almost completely and we have a nice breeze which is wonderful.Today is a very somber day for this city. While the years have gone on since 9/11 everyone’s world just seems to stop on this day in history. Our mother worked in the World Trade Center in the 80’s and she said it was like being on top of the world. This picture was taken last week as this was the first time she was able to go back down there since 9/11. Our mom’s cousin was late to work that day, he overslept and we thank God everyday that you are still with us. Never forget the brave men and women, not only the first responders but the people who helped others in and outside of the buildings in both Manhattan, D.C and PA. You are all heroes and may we never forget you and the sacrifices and love that you gave. This day in history changed all of our lives. My sister and I were only 9 years old when it happened but we remember it as if it was yesterday. So while today is a day of remembrance and a reflection on what has happened, let us all hug our loved ones a little tighter and tell someone that you love them today and every day.

I hope everyone has a good rest of their Sunday and a great start to the new week.


LeggingsI am wearing a size small, and they are so comfy and lightweight and yet they are perfect for going into the fall as the keep you warm and dry with there sweat and water resistant material. They comes in sizes XS – L.

Sports Bra – I am wearing a size large and they are very supportive and comfortable. They come in 4 different colors and they currently only have left in stock sizes XS – LG.

Tank Top – I am wearing a size medium and the material is just so comfy and I love wearing fun little workout tops with fun sayings on them to keep you motivated.

Sneakers – I am wearing a size 7 and sadly they do not sell my color anymore but they do come in two other fun colors and they have all sizes in stock. They are a great workout and running shoe, full of support to keep you going.

Ball Cap – Yes I am wearing a man’s hat but they are just so much cuter than the girls athletic hats. While I could not find mine, I was able to find a similar one and they come in 4 fun colors. While you might not be a Notre Dame fan, they use the same quality material for all sports teams hats which is great. GO IRISH!

Water Bottle – This water bottle is literally the best invention that was ever created, and I was a little hesitant at first to really believe that they worked. If you haven’t heard about the S’Well water bottle that is ok, they keep all liquids cold for 24 hours and all hot liquids hot for 12 hours. They are not machine washable so you wash them by hand, but they are super east to clean and store and they come in so many different fun designs. These are perfect for working out, sports practice, work days, long car rides and pretty much everything in between.

Sunnies and bag are from a previous post.


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