Hazy city nights.


Yay, it is finally the weekend and boy what a hot one is it going to be…..in the 90’s all weekend. I am ready for fall haha. I have loved exploring my new city and I just love that I have both Riverside and Central Park all within walking distance from my apartment. So I will be doing A LOT of walking instead of just going to the gym….besides the city is always filled with vibrant people and sights to see.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and stays cool.


Blouse – I am wearing a medium as it provides better coverage for my chest as the materiel clings to your figure more to provide shape. This shirt is so soft and comfy and it comes in 3 other colors as the peach and sage colors are sold out. But the three other colors left are just as pretty. Also, is you spend over $150 either in stores or online you receive 15% off your order, just use the code: FALL15.

Shorts – I am wearing a size 2, and these cotton shorts are not only super comfy but they come in fun colors and they are perfect for transitioning into the fall, pair them with booties and a denim or leather jacket.

Boots – My adorable boots are a size 7 and they come in both black and tan.

Backpack – My bag is vintage Vera Bradley, I have had this bag for at least 14 years and I am not even kidding. It used to be my mom’s before she gave it to me when I moved to the city. What I love about Vera is that it one never goes out of style no matter what the pattern is as well as you can wash them when they get dirty which is always an added plus. But don’t worry I’ve attached the link with many colorful different patterns to pick from.




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