Holding onto Summer

TGIF EVERYONE! Yay, it is finally the weekend….more importantly the weekend before Labor Day. I cannot believe that in a week it will be September….summer literally went by in a blink of an eye. But with the end of one chapter, comes the beginning of another.

The post on the blog today is my fun bathing suit from yesterday. While I am confident with my body and my rather larger chest, I tend to coverup more when I am out in the sun. Not because I do not embrace my chest, as I do but with having a small figure everywhere else I have always felt bigger due to my chest. Now I embrace this wonderful body that I have been given and I put on that low cut bathing suit and a big smile on my face.

The key to being happy is embracing the body, the face, the hair and every other aspect of your body that you have been given. Love what you see in the mirror and love the changes that you go through everyday. We are all beautiful and we always need to remember that.

Have a wonderful and safe weekend.


Bathing Suit – I am wearing a medium as the top of the suit has built in cups. While my bathing suit is no longer being sold, I was able to find two similar styles.

Bathing Suit Number 2 – This comes in sizes 0 – 12.



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