Sunkissed Skin Is In

Happy Sunday!!!!

The weather this weekend has been beyond beautiful and I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing weekend so far. On the blog today I decided to switch it up a bit and share with you my go to skincare for the summer and the products I use to keep my skin healthy and glowing during these hot summer months. One thing that you will learn about me is that I do not wear loads of makeup, I only do so if I have an event to go to or if I am in a show. Otherwise I wear very minimal makeup. I just like to allow my skin to breathe and I feel that natural beauty outshines the rest and you cannot see that if I have a ton of products on my face. I like having my makeup routine only being 15 to 20 minutes long and I am out the door.

First off I want to share with you my skincare routine for anytime that I am in the sun, especially when I am at the pool or the beach. Those are the two times that we must always protect our skin.

Witch Hazel – I start everyday off with applying this to my face once I have washed it. My mother swears by it and so do I. It clears out all of your pores with natural ingredients and gets rid of any red spots or blotches. I also bring them with me when I am in the sun so that it removes any excess oil from my skin. I apply in the morning and at night.

Sunscreen – I apply my sunscreen before I head to the beach, that way it has time to dry and settle as well as I hate applying sunscreen when I am all sandy. Not only does this sunscreen protect your skin but it also has a tinted moisturizer in the formula which gives your skin a healthy glow.

Chapstick – I’ve been wearing this brand of chapstick since I was a little girl and I swear by it. The great thing about this type of chapstick is that is has an SPF 30 in the balm as well as you can transition it from day to night.

The key to having healthy skin and staying healthy while in the sun is staying well hydrated I drink so much water when I am in the sun that I am fearful that I may float away, but it is good for my health and for my skin. So DRINK DRINK DRINK!


Now to share with you guys my daily makeup routine.

Moisturizer –  I start everyday with this tinted moisturizer and it always provides a good base for my foundation. Another great aspect of this moisturizer is that sometimes I do not even apply any foundation and just wear the moisturizer and it still look flawless. Comes in two shades.

Foundation – I’ve sworn by this makeup ever since I started wearing makeup when I was 14. It goes on beautifully and it applies enough coverage for your face without looking overdone. Plus it is a mineral powder so it allows your skin to breathe. I apply my foundation with a wide makeup brush instead of the little sponge that it comes with as the brush covers more area of your face.

Eyeshadow – I start with a good eye primer from MAC which I have used for the past year. I really love the smokey eye and I love how it allows my eyes to pop, but I also enjoy using fun colors when I feel like mixing it up a bit or I am just going for a fun wild look. However, on most days I do not even wear eyeshadow.

Eyeliner/ Brows – I love all MAC eyeliners and brow pencils, not only do they look great and last long but they come in so many fun colors which I just look to experiment with.

Mascara – I love all Maybelline products and I am currently in love with the new Spider Effect mascara, it provides a dramatic look without needing to apply more than on to two coats.

Vaseline – My mother has been buying my sister and I Vaseline since before I can remember and I just love how you can apply it to any part of your body to fix dry skin. I always apply Vaseline before I apply my lipstick so it keeps my lips moisturized throughout the day. They have yummy new flavors and I am currently obsessed with the Rosy Mini lip therapy as it smells like roses and I just love that smell and it is a pretty shade of pink.

Lipstick – As I’ve mentioned  in previous blog posts I love this new Anastasia lipgloss that I found and they come in some many different colors which are perfect for summer and fall.

Thank you guys, I know this was a long one today. Have a great rest of your Sunday!


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