Taking a Bite Out of Summer

Happy Sunday guys!!!

Phew! It has been a really hot weekend….spent 99% of it in the pool and eating ice cream. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and beat the heat and just laughed and had some fun as that is what the whole summer is about. My dress from yesterday is on this blog post as well as my fun bathing suit and coverup from today! As well as my adorably yummy looking pool floats. Who doesn’t love pool toys?!?!?! 

The great thing about my bathing suit from today is that you are able to pick a different size top and bottom which is wonderful for me as I am able to get a larger top and a smaller bottom. I wore this bathing suit for the Miss Delaware USA Pageant and that was 2 years ago. I have purchased this bathing suit in five different colors and it provides wonderful coverage if you have a larger chest which is why most young women in the Miss America Pageant and the Miss USA Pageant wear them. You will also see a lot of celebrities wearing them such as Kyle Richards from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Fringe is also incredibly popular not only for the upcoming fall but for the summer as well and I just love the pieces that they are selling right now.

Bathing Suit I am wearing a DD top and a size four on the bottom. They come in 14 different colors and I am currently wearing the Navy Blue one. I also have the Black Beauty, Bright White, Lipstick Pink, and Papaya Orange.

CoverupWhile my fringe coverup is no longer in stock I found a variety of different styles and colors that you are sure to love.

Flip FlopsI am wearing a size 7 and they come in 2 different colors.

Sunglasses My favorite sunnies for the summer which have already been on the blog.

DressMy dress from last night and I am wearing a size small, not since I am petite I just knotted up the one side of the dress so that it gave shape to the rest of my body. Comes in three different colors.

Sandals I am wearing a size 7 and they come in a variety of colors.

Pool Floats We purchased the doughnut floats as well as the pineapple and the pizza floats. They have so many different options and I just love it.

Have a wonderful Sunday!!!!

Taylor xoxoxox


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