The weekend is finally here, which means ice cream and pool parties. Here in Rehoboth Beach this weekend it is going to feel like 105 degrees….which is code for me being in the pool for the next 72 hours.

With the temperatures being so high today I decided on wearing as minimal clothing as possible and the cute little dress that I am wearing is lightweight and incredibly comfortable. I love wearing dresses in the summer they are just so easy to throw on and they come in such a wide variety of colors and styles, you can dress them up or dress them down and they go with sneakers as well as sandals. When it gets cool at nigh just throw a denim jacket or lightweight sweater over top and out the door you go. Plus summer dresses are great transitional pieces when we go into the fall, you just layer them with fun shirts, jackets and sweaters.

My pineapple shoes are again on the blog I just love them so much as well as my fun colorful sunglasses which I have had for awhile but I just love them and who doesn’t love a pop of color to brighten the day.

Dress – I buy all my summer dresses from American Eagle and Forever 21 because they are reasonably priced and they come in a wide variety. I’m wearing a size medium for my chest.

Forever 21

MY PINEAPPLE SHOES – I am wearing a size 7.

Bag – Sadly the color of my bag is sold out on the Vera Bradley website but they are still fully in stock in all the Vera Bradley department stores as they are a brand new collection. Online they come in 4 different colors.

Sunnies – While my pair are a little over a year old, I was able to find a similar pair and they are just as cute.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and STAY hydrated and cool.

Much love,

Taylor xoxo



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