Hump Day calls for Bright Colors

Happy Hump Day!

It is almost the weekend! Wohoooo!! I am excited to spend time with my family, laugh, eat and just be together. I hope everyone is having a great week so far. I know that the weather is brutal throughout the entire country, so please everyone stay hydrated and safe.

My post for the day will be short and sweet but I just wanted to say hi and tell you guys about some of my favorite places to buy fabulous shoes for low prices, as well as the lipstick and makeup brand that I have fallen in love with 🙂

My dress it perfect for beating the heat as it is lightweight and so incredibly comfortable. I have at least 5 different dresses in different styles.

Dress – Sadly I purchased my dress earlier in the year  but I was able to find similar dresses in a wide variety of colors and styles. I am wearing a size small.


Shoes – I am obsessed with the JustFab website! I have so many shoes from this site that I could probably buy stock in the company. The great thing about this website is that it customizes itself to fit your taste and style. They not only sell shoes; but clothing, handbags and accessories as well. Celebrities buy from the site as well -such as Angie Harmon and Nikki Hilton. I am wearing a size 7.

Shoes – While also looking on the web I found this fabulous website that has incredibly cool and funky shoes and I cannot wait to try a pair. They also do free shipping and free returns.

Lipstick – My mom and I discovered this lipstick while shopping at Ulta and we are now obsessed. It is from a makeup company in Beverly Hills. The makeup is lightweight and the lipstick comes in 26 different shades. The lip color lasts up to 8 hours without coming off. I am wearing Weekend Barbie ( who doesn’t want to wear lipstick with fun names?!?!?! )

Lipstick from Ulta 

Have a fabulous day guys!

Taylor xoxoxox


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