Monday Funday

Happy Monday everyone!

Hope everyone had a great beginning of the week, I know that the whole country is experiencing a heat wave! It was 94 here in Rehoboth Beach today, I am not a fan of the weather right now. However I believe I will be wishing for temperatures in the 90’s come February 🙂

I have some great tips from my outfit today and I cannot wait to share them with you. I love being able to mix and match different pieces together and see what works and what does not. I am though obsessed with the shirt I had on today as well as my shoes! Yes my sisters birthday gift FINALLY ARRIVED and I just adore these cute little pineapple sneakers.

T-shirt – I’m wearing a size small, sadly my shirt is no longer in stock but I found so many cute little scoop neck t-shirts that are perfect for the summer. Very light weight and the wash beautifully.

Distressed Jeans – I’m wearing a size 2 and I just love these jeans. They fit great and they move and stretch with your movement so you are comfortable.

Bralette – Ladies with a larger chest rejoice!!!!!! I was always fearful that I would never be able to wear them as I was fearful that they would not offer a great deal of support but I was proven wrong. They fit great and they provide an incredible amount of support and they lay flat and smooth and you can pair them with anything. I am wearing a size medium.

Pineapple sneakers – SO OBSESSED WITH THESE SHOES! I’m wearing a size 7 and they come in three different styles if you do not want the lace up ones. ( I may buy one of the other styles )

Jewelry – What I love about jewelry from J.Crew is that it is durable and they always have classic and simple pieces that go with everything. My watch again is from Michael Kors and as well are my sunglasses from the previous post.

Have a wonderful Monday night guys! I know that I will be watching the Bachelorette hahaha guilty pleasure.

Taylor xoxox




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