Birthday Wishes and Kisses

Fashion has always been so close to my heart and I thought what better way to launch my blog than on my birthday! Birthdays are all about starting a new chapter in your life – you become a year older and a year wiser. I spent my birthday surrounded by the people I love – my twin sister Megan, my incredible mother, loving grandparents, and dear friends. We lounged by the pool, ate yummy sushi and macaroons for dinner, and blew out our candles on our birthday cake.

The great thing about having a summer birthday is the ability to wear the brightest colors you own in order to celebrate your special day. Lilly Pulitzer has always been that summer staple for all women when they want something bright, form fitting and comfortable. My sister and I have been wearing Lilly since we were little girls…..except our mom no longer dresses us the same. What I love about the dress that I wore for the blog is not only how comfortable it is, but how the cut of this dress fits and flatters all body types. I have a larger chest and I sometimes find it difficult to find a dress that is flattering from all angles. However, this dress provides enough coverage where my chest does not feel exposed all the while I am able to show that I have a body as well. The cutest part about the dress is the adorable white bow that cinches in the back. Plus who doesn’t love wearing HOT PINK?!?!?  My shoes were incredibly comfortable as well and by wearing that style of nude shoe they are able to go with anything. Lastly, just add a touch of jewelry, fun sunglasses, and a hot pink lip and you are ready to celebrate all night!

Lilly Blog pictureIMG_0003IMG_0007Pulitzer – I added the link  where I bought my dress. While my dress is no longer in stock, I was able to find a similar dress but this one has an adorable zipper and white embroidery down the back. It comes in all sizes and is just adorable, I promise you will not be disappointed.

Zulily – My shoes were so comfortable! While high, they had a platform heel allowing for more stability and comfort as not all of my weight was on the front of my foot. These shoes come in nude and along with that I have 5 other suggested shoes as well linked to the page. Plus they are super cheap meaning you can have more than one pair 🙂

Studio S – I’ve always loved jewelry and I’ve loved working for this amazing company for the past few years. The necklace that I wore was an Initial necklace and the ring was an Ecco of the Dreamer one of a kind piece. These necklaces make for wonderful gifts and along with an initial necklace you can also do GPS coordinates from anywhere in the world. Thus, you can always have that place close to your heart and the memories that came with it. You can also come to our three locations that are located in Rehoboth Beach and Ocean City, Maryland.

Michael Kors  – These sunglasses come in four different shades and  the stems of each come in bright fun colors.

Maybelline  – My bright lip color was Electric Pink. They have hundreds of shades and  are super cheap. Look for them  at your local CVS, Walgreens or even Walmart or Target.

Have a beautiful day everyone!


Taylor xoxoxox



9 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes and Kisses

  1. happy birthday!! and congratulations on starting a blog – it’s so fun! 😀 i love your dress ❤
    instagram: the_ch1ara


  2. Happy birthday!! And welcome to the blogging community. I really enjoyed your post and love the outfit. I just gave you a follow and I’m looking forward to your upcoming posts. Mind checking my blog out too?


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